Having trouble imagining what your favourite images will look like on your wall?  

Our free 'view it' service can come to your rescue by following these steps:  

  1. Browse through the albums and write down the titles of your favourite images. view_it_before.jpg
  2. Take a photo of your wall space where you would like to hang the image.
    Hint : take the photo in a way that shows some of the character of the room including furniture if you can. As an example here's one we prepared earlier. 
  3. With your wall space in mind, whittle your favourites list down to your top three. 
  4. Let us know if you are interested in a canvas or an art print and the size Hint: don't worry if you are unsure - we can advise what will fit and look great within your space.  
  5. Email us at info@imagesforart.com and check that you've given us this information
     - subject: view it service
     - attach the photo of your room 
     - up to three titles of your favourite images  
     - whether you want canvas or art print, and size. 
  6. We will email you back a mock-up view of how great each of the selected images will look on your wall. Here are examples of what you could expect back ... 
view_it_after_print.jpg view_it_after_canvas.jpg

This free service

  • takes the guess work away  
  • allows you to 'view it' and 
  • makes the decision so much easier for you